Data Glossary


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Term Synonyms Definition Data Type Regulatory Context Source Data Specifications
Area Measurement Area Area of a surface determined from its geometrical dimensions, not including surface roughness. The area measurement specification shall include units (mandated or explicitly listed). International Units or UN-CEFACT units are preferred. Object RMA, Fresh water, Emissions, Biodiversity View View
Business Name Organization name, Enterprise name, Venture name, Company name, Firm name A name for a company, incorporated society, or other businesss entity. String RMA, Fresh water, Emissions, Biodiversity View View
Cadastral Parcel Land parcel, Field book, titles, Cadastral boundary Cadastral survey data that represents the spatial extent of interests under a tenure system. Object RMA, Fresh water, Emissions, Biodiversity View  
Farm Name Field name, Estate name The name by which a farm is known to its management, owners, employees, suppliers and/or customers. String Fresh water   View
Farm Operator Farmer The person with ultimate responsibility for the operation of a farm Object Fresh water View  
Geographic Coordinate System Coordinate System, GPS Coordinates Defines locations on the earth using a three-dimensional spherical surface. It is a reference system that uses latitude and longitude to identify locations on a spheroid or sphere. A datum, prime meridian, and angular unit are parts of a Geographic Coordinate System. Coordinates RMA, Fresh water, Emissions, Biodiversity View  
Leased Area Hire area, Rent area, Let area An area of an operating farm holding that is not owned by the operating business entity or another entity within the business group. Area Measurement Fresh water    
New Zealand Business Number NZBN A New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a globally unique identifier, available to all New Zealand businesses. Integer Fresh water View View
Operating Farm Farm Unit, Agribusiness Unit, Farm Entity The whole area and all infrastructures included on it, under the control of an operator to perform agricultural or aquaculture activities. It must be composed of one or more Sites. It could be considered as the synthetic geographical representation of a unique operational, economical or legal body. String Fresh water; Emissions; Biodiversity View  
Protected Site wāhi tapu An area designated or managed within a framework of international, Community and Member States’ legislation to achieve specific conservation objectives. In NZ, this could be used for QEII Conservation zones. String RMA View  
Total Area   Calculated or measured surface area of a spatial feature. Area Measurement Fresh water; Emissions; Biodiversity   View