Data Glossary


Common name Definition Source
Irrigation The application of controlled amounts of water to plants at needed intervals, especially for the purposes of growing agricultural crops, maintaining landscapes, or revegetating disturbed or drought-affected soils. Irrigation systems may also be used as a means of protecting crops from frost, suppressing the growth of weeds, preventing soil consolidation, cooling livestock, and controlling airborne dust. View
Drainage index Volume of water draining through the area irrigated. View
Average irrigation interval Time taken for irrigator to return to its starting point or days taken to irrigate farm, days. View
Equipment identifier Name or identifier of equipment View
Flow rate Speed at which effluent or water is being pumped through the irrigator. Also known as system flow rate. View
Watering time Amount of time an irrigator is set to water for. View
Natural water storage volume Amount of water naturally held by a reservoir. View
Seasonal water use Amount of water used for irrigation in a season View
Water lost Amount of water lost to drainage and runoff. View
Water use efficiency Amount of water used in irrigation per tonne of dry matter produced. View
Water holding capacity Amount of water the soil can hold. View
Saturation point Point at which the soil can no longer hold water. View
Soil water content Amount of water currently in the soil. View