Data Glossary


Common name Definition Source
Fertiliser Fertiliser means a substance manufactured, intended for further manufacture, represented, supplied, or used as a means of directly or indirectly:
a) supplying nutrients to the soil; or
b) conditioning the soil by altering the biological, chemical, or physical composition of the soil
Organic fertiliser An organic fertilizer is a fertilizer that is derived from organic sources, including organic compost, cattle manures, poultry droppings, and domestic sewage. View
Manure Manure is an organic matter derived from the solid animal wastes, used to improve the soil quality and increase the yield of healthy crops. View
Inorganic fertiliser Inorganic fertiliser means a chemical product, of either inorganic mineral or synthetic origin, that provides nutrients to stimulate plant growth. View
Apply fertiliser A fertiliser input additional to maintenance requirements which aims to raise soil nutrient status as measured by soil testing. View
Timing of fertiliser Fertiliser application should be timed to achieve maximum plant uptake, thereby reducing losses of nutrients to the environment. View
Fertiliser storage 1. Secure storage place to protect the product from the weather and reduce the risk of theft.
2. Enclosed building capable of protecting the product from the weather and especially direct sunlight.
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Fertiliser user A person who takes delivery of fertiliser materials for the purposes of applying them to the land. View
Nutrient losses A small portion of nutrients is lost annually through the hydrological cycle and biological export to the atmosphere (Barnes et al. 1998). Major pathways in which these nutrients are lost include: soil erosion, leaching and gaseous losses. View
Synthetic Nitrogen Fertiliser Synthetic (Not naturally produced)nitrogen fertiliser means any substance (whether solid or liquid) that is more than 5% nitrogen by weight and is applied to any plant or soil as a source of nitrogen nutrition for plants. View
Product Category Product Category is used in the Product Details component. View
Product Code An identifier for the product (within the application scope), for example, an inventory stock keeping unit View
Product Name A display or common name of the product. View