Data Glossary

Farming Operation

Common name Definition Source
Farm name 1. A farm name is the name a farm is known by. It might be the farm owner’s own personal name, or it might be something entirely different and unique to the farm.
2. Name of the block the application is to be applied to.
Farm Infrastructure Infrastructure includes the farms, markets, and businesses that support the farms within a given area. View
Total area Complete land area of an operating holding or other feature, regardless of land use or internal subdivision. View
Leased area An area of an operating farm holding that is not owned by the operating business entity or another entity within the business group. -
Land Use One of a set of socio-economic purposes or uses of a land feature or part thereof. -
Drainage A waterway that has been dug, piped or was created to direct water along a channel that was not formed by natural events. View
Pasture Management Pasture management is a practice for profitable livestock production providing the animals with forage grasses and legumes and keeping the soil healthy. View
Shed Dairy shed is the building where the animals are milked. View
Vegetation The plants growing on the specific area View
Covered pads A feed pad is a defined hard surface (typically concrete) area where animals are held for a short period of time (approx. 2 hours) this is typically before or after milking, where water and supplementary feed can be provided. View
Paddock Special case of a Plot or Site that is used to graze livestock. View
Crossing The crossing allows passage over a body of water or other obstacle -
Pipe A utility link or link sequence for the conveyance of solids, liquids, chemicals or gases from one location to another. A pipe can also be used as an object to encase several cables (a bundle of cables) or other (smaller) pipes. View
Fence A mesh, railing, hedge, or the like for preventing free access to an area. View
Gate An opening in a fence or other enclosure, for the purpose of giving entry and exit, and capable of being closed with a barrier. View
Road A road is an accessway or track for vehicles, aniamls -
Water Management Installation The source of water used for activities of the Site. View
Holding The whole area and all infrastructures included on it, under the control of an operator to perform agricultural or aquaculture activities. It must be composed of one or more Sites. It could be considered as the synthetic geographical representation of a unique operational, economical or legal body. View
Farm 1. Farm land is land that is used ‘exclusively or principally’ for agricultural, horticultural or pastoral purposes, or for the keeping of bees, poultry or livestock.
2. An area of land devoted primarily to agricultural processes with the primary objective of producing food or other crops. In the broadest sense, the term may include ranches, feedlots, orchards, plantations, smallholdings and hobby farms, fish farms, and even industrial operations such as wind farms.
3. Special case of a Plot or Site that is used to grow arable crops.
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Farm Management 1. Farm management is the collective term for various management strategies and methods that are employed to keep a farm productive and profitable.
2. Farm management, making and implementing of the decisions involved in organizing and operating a farm for maximum production and profit.
Farming Plan Proper allocation of cultivable land and utilization of various productive resources for optimal yielding of several seasonal crops. View
Soil erosion control plan 1. Measures that will be implemented to minimize erosion and subsequent sediment loss from a site as a result of soil disturbing activities.
2. identifies the methods and devices implemented to minimise erosion and sediment loss from your site as a result of soil disturbing activities.
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Agri Building A construction to store agricultural commodities, harvested crops, keeping of animals or storing equipment. View