Data Glossary


Common name Definition Source
Farm Operation The activities carried out on a farm to prepare land, manage livestock, produce crops, or achieve environmental or social outcomes. -
Equipment calibration Equipment calibration deals with assessing the accuracy of equipment’s results by measuring the variation against a defined standard to decide upon the relevant correction factors. View
Grazing management 1. Grazing management is the planning, implementation and monitoring of animal grazing to achieve sustained animal, plant, land, environmental and economic results under a range of environmental conditions.
2.Grazing management is the manipulation of animal grazing to achieve optimum and sustained animal, plant, land, environmental or economic results while ensuring a continuous supply of forages to grazing animals.
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Pasture renewal Pasture renewal refers to any method of establishing new pasture plants. View
Paddock selection This means selecting the appropriate paddocks to minimize run-off while maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare. View
Intensive winter grazing Intensive winter grazing is a farming practice where livestock are grazed on paddocks planted with forage crops. View
Carbon Capture and Sequestration Carbon capture and sequestration is a set of technologies that can greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions from new and existing coal- and gas-fired power plants, industrial processes, and other stationary sources of carbon dioxide. View
Carbon neutrality Carbon-neutral (or carbon neutrality) is the balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon emissions from carbon sinks. Or simply, eliminate all carbon emissions altogether. View
GHG Mitigation Any action that results, by design, in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by sources or removals by sinks. Mitigation and abatement are considered equivalent terms View
Feature Identifier Identifier used to identify the feature. View