About DataLinker and the Farm Data Standards

The Farm Data Standards and DataLinker were developed as separate initiatives to help agricultural data be more accessible for farmers and to be used more effectively by solution and service providers.

More effective use of data through consistent collection, delivery, and access should save farmers time and drive innovative new insights and technology solutions. The farm data standards were developed with the participation of a wide cross-section of industry organisations, through an iterative process that involved circulation of drafts and feedback from participants. A steering group of industry representatives provided oversight and mandate for the process.

Development Funding

The initial funding for development of the Farm Data Standards and DataLinker was provided through the following New Zealand organisations:

License and Terms of Use

The Farm Data Standards and DataLinker are Copyright 2012-2020 DairyNZ & Beef+Lamb New Zealand.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");

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